Amir Sheikh

Affiliate Faculty
University of Washington – Bothell

Paper Title
Augmenting People’s Geographies of Seattle: Digital platforms as participatory methods

Amir Sheikh is a transdisciplinary urban environmental researcher, curator, and collaboration builder. He utilizes the tools of anthropology, geography, environmental science, historical inquiry, and arts-based collaboration to examine critical questions about our spatial relationships to landscapes, and their deeply intertwined narratives of place. He is a Curatorial Associate at the Burke Museum at the University of Washington where he is a team leader for The Waterlines Project. He is Affiliate Faculty at the University of Washington-Bothell where he is a program manager for the People’s Geography of Seattle Project. Previously at the University of Washington, he has contributed to a range of environmental modeling and urban planning projects from hyper-local scales to global development contexts, historical ecology research, and the development of place-based curricula bridging the environmental sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.