Svetlana Jović

Assistant Professor
SUNY Old Westbury

Paper Title
“Out of Bounds: Mapping Uptown Youth’s Everyday Mobility through Geotagged Photo-making”

Svetlana Jović is an Assistant Professor of developmental psychology in the Psychology Department at SUNY Old Westbury. She is a sociocultural psychologist with expertise in diverse methods of critical sociocultural analysis, including narrative, sociolinguistic, visual, and spatial analysis. Dr. Jović’s research concerns socio-cognitive development among children and youth in challenging contexts, including poverty, migration, cultural diversity, and integration. Through acknowledging the detrimental effects of the socioeconomic (and political) challenges that many children and youth—especially the underrepresented—experience, Dr. Jović’s work emphasizes the socio-cognitive advantages that young people growing up in adversity acquire.